Angela Giudice

Angela GiudiceAngela Giudice fell into my life in a
moment of complete crisis. It was the winter of 2011. I’d just completed what I thought would be my final manuscript when a national debate arose about the role of white people in the
anti-racist movement. I wondered whether I should just walk away, and if maybe my particular blend of upper-middle class whiteness might have no place in the world of racial justice.
Angela, a highly respected long-time racial justice activist and former VISIONS Inc. consultant, pulled me aside
after a meeting one day and said in her gentle West Virginia accent, “Hey, I’d love to read what you’ve written. I’ll bet it’s great.” Truth be told, I was about ready to toss it in the
shredder, tail between my legs. Thankfully I sent Angela my manuscript. A week later I received a voicemail saying, “Wow Debby, this is a great start.” A great start! And I’d
thought it was done. Under Angela’s tutelage, I reworked the manuscript three more times, each round using the text to explore what I wasn’t telling and why. Waking Up White
would be a very different book without the coaching she offered to pull ideas and stories out of the furthest corners of my memory.