Dr. Billie Mayo

Dr. Billie MayoDr. Billie Mayo, a former public school educator turned racial equity consultant, attended an all-day workshop I’d also signed up for in 2010. New at the racial justice scene, I felt jumpy and out of my element. From across the room, I observed Billie’s calm, observant style. I noticed how intently she listened and that the few times she spoke the whole room stopped to listen. She used her words sparingly and to great affect. Among the wisdom she shared that day was this simple phrase: "Race isn't a cause, it’s a part of becoming fully human.” Though I didn’t fully grasp the concept that day, those words awakened a sleeping part of my consciousness, giving me an early clue about why I so longed to connect across race. Her belief that there is but one human family and that racism creates barriers to its inherent and healthy oneness, has been a pillar of my own journey.