Paul Marcus

Paul MarcusPaul Marcus is one of those rare people who everyone seems to be able to relate to. As executive director of Community Change, Inc. and a born educator, Paul has gently and deftly guided me in my learning by asking pointed questions. He’s suggested books and films and invited me to events and meetings he knew would challenge me in ways I needed to be pushed. Of the many understandings he’s given me is the delicate position I’ve put myself in by using so much privilege to challenge privilege. I’ve learned never to talk to Paul without pen and paper in hand lest I miss some gem in his seemingly endless flow of quotes, metaphors, analogies, stories, and history, all of which he uses to help other white people understand racism and their role in it. Among his many accomplishments is one of the most efficient and effective presentations I’ve seen about how racism works. In a mere three hours, it brings into focus the key intersecting elements that hold racism in place. He loves comparing the film The Matrix to racism, and I hope someday to fully grasp the blue pill / red pill phenomenon.