Verna Myers’

Verna MyersVerna Myers’ charismatic storytelling and sense of humor make her one of the easiest people for me to learn from. A Harvard Law School trained lawyer, Verna consults with law firms around the world striving to attract and retain legal talent of color. Her ability to bear her soul while weaving humor, storytelling, analysis, and data into her work has influenced and affirmed my own style. Her deep understanding of the way bias and fear wreak havoc on the best of intentions added tremendously to my understanding of intent and impact. The chapter title in my book, “Getting Over Myself,” is a direct quote of hers from a conversation in which we laughed over my lifelong need to be seen as having it all together. Her book, Moving Diversity Forward: How to Go From Well-Meaning to Well-Doing is full of cartoons, do’s and don’ts, and anecdotes from her own life. I think it’s an ideal follow-up to my book.