That we have one. I knew enough to check off “white” on forms, but I had no idea how being white in a nation built by and for white people had influenced my life experiences, outcomes, and worldview. Though I could have given you examples of how being female, upper class, or a New … Read more

Next week, school children will bring home cheerfully crafted Thanksgiving-inspired hand turkeys and pilgrim hats. Families and friends will travel to mark another year, perhaps focusing on gratitude, perhaps doing little more than tolerating one another as family bonds fray amidst divisive political forces. Either way, one thing we can count on is the ongoing, … Read more

Guest blog from Gaby Alter, “award-winning songwriter and composer of musicals, soundtracks and straight up pop songs.”  I discovered this letter thanks to FaceBook and asked Gaby if I could share it via my blog. His stance of compassionate tough love stopped me in my tracks. Thank you Gaby Alter for sharing it with us all! Dear … Read more

The silver lining of the racial unrest we Americans find ourselves in today is that white supremacy’s durability is in plain view. The age of colorblind denial is gone. For those seeing white supremacy anew, or for the first time, there can be intense feelings of confusion, hopelessness, and urgency to do something. Now is … Read more

  “I’m so sick of this PC bullshit. Black History month? My God, if I suggested a white history month, I’d be skewered!” ~ too many white Americans Welcome to Black History Month, the time of year when white people still fully trapped in the white paradigm wonder  — authentically or cynically, silently or aloud … Read more