A few weeks ago at the 16th annual White Privilege Conference, keynote speaker and human rights activist Loretta Ross used a phrase I can’t shake. “We need to stop calling people out,” she urged, “and start calling people in.” For those of you unfamiliar with the ‘call out’ culture, it refers to pointing out … Read more

Today marks the one year anniversary of Waking Up White. In celebration of the occasion, I'd like to share the below chapter — which ended up on the editing room floor. Enjoy!  Don’t Touch Principles Reconciling my financial ideals with my moral ideals.   Of all the social codes I have broken in challenging racism, none … Read more

A few days ago, at my exhibit table at the annual METCO Director’s Conference, my bias showed up unexpectedly. As conference goers came and went, I sat, sipping my coffee, interacting in the friendly, unguarded way I love most. About thirty people had come and gone from my table when suddenly, I noticed I was … Read more

These are the five words I most hear from white people. Once the embeddedness of racism is understood, a sense of urgency to DO something stirs anxiety for action. And then, a while later, the whole problem feels too big, leading to something like, "But really, what can one person do?"  Linked here is a TED … Read more

For me, Thanksgiving has always been a day of family, food, and games in front of the fire. When I was younger, the holiday included colorful tales of the Pilgrim’s brave Atlantic crossing, brutal first winter, and harmonious celebratory feast with ‘The Indians.’ No one challenged the peaceful narrative in my segregated, comfortable, white world … Read more

  Though people dumped on Bill O’Reilly for not understanding white privilege, the truth is most white people don’t understand it. I know I didn’t — until it was thoroughly explained to me in a full semester graduate school course. Here’s a short, info-packed explanation. 1) Examine The Word Privilege common misperception: privilege = rich … Read more

Greetings from across the months!  I can’t believe my last post was May 18th. Actually, maybe I can. In contrast to the step-by-step marketing and blogging plan I’d expected to dutifully follow over the past months, a series of unexpected invitations have drawn me into new territory. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past … Read more

Hoping to connect with you at one of these upcoming events! Thursday, May 22nd @ 6pm at Boston’s Wheelock College Hosted by the National Center for Race Amity, this is a gathering for people who've read the book and want to discuss it in a racially mixed group. For this event, I'll focus on the impact … Read more

    Despite the above image, I swear this isn’t a clever lead-in to a sarcastic piece about white men. Including White men is my reflection on how hard I have to work sometimes to avoid re-installing the divisive, white supremacist mindset by stereotyping, dehumanizing, and vilifying any group – including white, straight, Christian, able-bodied … Read more

    A Few Upcoming Events and One Mystery      March 26th -29th ~ The White Privilege Conference ~ Madison, WI If you’re at the conference please come visit my book table where I’ll be offering special WPC discount rates. Poet Norma Johnson will be joining me to create an engaging space to talk about … Read more