What could racism possibly have to do with ballet, football, or a trip to Yosemite? This one short essay from the archives of Barbara Beckwith helps us see how the racial divide persists in the most unexpected of ways. For ongoing learning, Barbara has a great website and two fabulous essay collections, What Was I Thinking? (Volumes … Read more

For those of you who didn't see this painful on-air blunder, watch here to see KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin mistake Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. I wouldn't have understood the significance of this event prior to Waking Up White so I thought I'd share this chapter in case some other white people out there … Read more

    By Guest Blogger Patricia Wild   I met Patricia Wild on the heels of my book launch. Two things struck me. Firstly, she's written a book (Way Opens: A Spiritual Journey) that, like mine, chronicles a journey in and around whiteness and "the spiritual underpinnings of social justice." How did I miss it … Read more

Happy New Year one and all. Just before unplugging for the holiday break, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. by phone. I found his answers eye opening and hope you will too. (Bio at end of interview.) Debby: How did a black man headed towards a career as an NFL coach end up in a career … Read more

  My husband Bruce and I went to 12 Years A Slave on opening night, too early in its life to have heard much about it. I hadn’t read the book, not even a review. I went in without expectation. Two hours later, I’d been shaken to my core. When the lights came up, the … Read more

Written by guest blogger, Phyllis Unterschuetz, co-author of Longing: Stories of Racial Healing, co-founder The Race Story reWrite Project In a few days I’ll be with my family for Thanksgiving. There will be chaos in the kitchen, stuffing-with-gravy overload, and lots of laughter. I will not spend one moment thinking about Pilgrims and Indians; I will … Read more

    No, it’s not my good news. It’s just that I was reminded this past weekend of how important it is to hear good news — progress and success stories that fuel our resolve to work through seemingly intractable problems. My blast of ‘good news’ came this past weekend at a conference, Where Integration Meets … Read more

I used to describe my Uncle Jack as my cool uncle, the one who took us to the beach every chance he got. We went so often that the lady at the beach concession stand knew us by name and even gave us free ice cream cones. For years, just thinking about Uncle Jack and … Read more

    “Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just envision. Imagine your organization, your town, or some community you are a part of having achieved racial equity.”   When I’d signed up for an all-day training called Transforming Organizations: Internalizing Racial Equity, I’d expected an ass kicking – a series of mind-bending exercises … Read more