Community Momentum



When Waking Up White came out three years ago, I set a book sales goal of 50,000. My research told me that if I could get to that number in a year or two, the momentum would carry the book from there.




Well, it took three years, but in mid December that goal was met!




Even better, all signs point to growing momentum (far beyond my project) as increasing numbers of white people wake up and engage in the longstanding American movement towards racial and other forms of social justice. As a Donald Trump presidency threatens an era of unpredictability and fear, one thing everyone can do is to find and/or grow community bonds. I believe reaching across differences of all kinds – including political differences– is our best strategy to protect the human family from the erosion divisiveness engenders.



What does community momentum around racial justice look like? Check out these two amazing new resources from two inspirational communities.





Presbyterians Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly is working Waking Up White about as hard as any community could. When I designed this tool, I didn’t in my wildest dreams imagine the creative and powerful ways groups would think to use it.







Charlotte Builds Its Racial Justice Muscle With A 21-Day Plan

In Charlotte, North Carolina, The Charlotte Agenda, with support from Charlotte Country Day School faculty, have taken the 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge that Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. and I created, added all kinds of new resources and prompts to it, and challenged their community to take on the Charlotte 21-Day Equity Challenge.

  • Take the challenge – it's habit forming!
  • Can you get one or more friends/family to join you?




It’s all about momentum and ALL of us can work to keep it going!




Thank you to all who helped push the Waking Up White ball up the hill with me. Special thanks to Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. for being my “Hustle Coach;” to Martha Kiley for working her media network; to Michelle Chalmers for coordinating community engagements before, during, and after her real job; to Jennifer Simpson for bringing order to my life and handling bulk book sales; and to my family for supporting me every step of the way – even as I was barely there emotionally or physically for much of the three years.


Here’s to living with intention!




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