Dear White Nationalists

Guest blog from Gaby Alter, “award-winning songwriter and composer of musicals, soundtracks and straight up pop songs.”  I discovered this letter thanks to FaceBook and asked Gaby if I could share it via my blog. His stance of compassionate tough love stopped me in my tracks. Thank you Gaby Alter for sharing it with us all!

Dear white nationalists,

I see you are scared. Very scared. That is the only reason that people show up as mobs–not to protest, but to threaten violence–because they feel smaller, worse than, like the world is out of their control.

I think there is good reason for you to be scared. Things are changing in this country. Your ascendancy as a group, as you sense correctly, is ending. Change feels frightening. I sympathize with that fear, because it is human.

But the thing you are trying to stop is going to happen anyway. And it’s going to be good for everyone, including you if you choose to support it rather than resist it. White people were never the majority on this planet and soon they won’t be in this country. You can be a part of a future in which we build a new culture based on all of our heritages, one in which whites are not the dominant culture but one among many. It will be rich and interesting and new. You have the opportunity to join us.

The other side of this is, if you continue to resist change, things are going to get very hard for you. Much, much harder than they are now. The original Nazis did a lot of damage, but your group doesn’t have the demographic and historical advantages they enjoyed. The Nazis were in an almost all-white country. They could get away with demonizing Jews because Jews were a tiny minority. They could convince enough people that the ones who weren’t full supporters turned away and let bad things happen. They had highly organized leadership.

In this country, you will soon be outnumbered by non-white people, no matter how many immigration bills the president passes. You are already outnumbered by those who are currently minorities and white people who disagree with your ideas. Your president is incompetent and unpopular. Unlike Hitler, he has no ideology, no loyalties outside himself. He is unable even to surround himself with competent people. Fascism was the opposite of the Trump presidency: total order vs near-total chaos. Demographically and organizationally, you don’t stand a chance of taking over the way the Nazis did.

So consider your options. Consider a future where cultures do not compete or threaten each other. Consider that your beliefs based on fear of outsiders are doomed, because the outsiders are already here. We outnumber you.

There is a better option. Change is scary, but it can be good. Join us while there’s still time.