The Cincinnati Mystery and Other News



A Few Upcoming Events and One Mystery 




March 26th -29th ~ The White Privilege Conference ~ Madison, WI

If you’re at the conference please come visit my book table where I’ll be offering special WPC discount rates. Poet Norma Johnson will be joining me to create an engaging space to talk about racial healing, love, friendship, and justice. We hope to have 125 copies of Waking Up White go home with conference attendees.



April 1st ~ 7pm ~ Wellesley Books ~ Wellesley, MA

Kathy-Ann Hart, executive director of the Winchester Multicultural Network, will join me for a discussion of suburbs and the pursuit of multiculturalism. Winchester, MA, my home town, and Wellesley share many characteristics which will make for a night of rich connections.



April 9th ~ 8pm ~ Cambridge Center for Adult Education – Cambridge, MA

This is an annual event I’m thrilled to be a part of. I’ll be one among a panel of authors there to share our stories of bringing our books to life – from conception to publishing. I don’t think there’s such a think as a dull book-birthing story. Expect twists, turns, ups, downs, and hopefully some inspiration for taking any idea from conception to reality.



April 10th ~ TBA ~ Guest on MSNBC’s The Cycle

If you want to watch this live, be sure to ‘Like’ my Facebook page where I’ll post details closer to my appearance. I’m not sure which of the four hosts will interview me, but what a great show to be on. Real talk about real issues.



April 27th ~ 2:30pm ~ The Winchester Public Library ~ Winchester, MA

To mark the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism Weekend, the Winchester Multicultural Network in conjunction with BookEnds has invited Susan Naimark and I to town for a book talk. Susan’s book, The Education of a White Parent, tells the story of her awakening journey as a Boston Public School parent and committee member. Susan’s also been a crucial teacher to and collaborator with me. Given that Waking Up White’s opening scene is set beneath the “Indian” mural in the Winchester Public Library, this is going to be full circle moment for me.



Now…for The Cincinnati Mystery…..

I am in search of an explanation for why Cincinnati, Ohio is my #2 sales market. Of all the places I traveled to in my four years of research, Cincinnati was not one. Is it a single educator who’s purchased books for an entire class? Or did someone spread word of the book? In any case, I am dying to know. Cincinnati – Please be in touch with me! I’d love to plan a visit.