Upcoming Dates & Other Cool Stuff

Hoping to connect with you at one of these upcoming events!

Amity kids

Thursday, May 22nd @ 6pm at Boston’s Wheelock College

Hosted by the National Center for Race Amity, this is a gathering for people who've read the book and want to discuss it in a racially mixed group. For this event, I'll focus on the impact of racism on cross-racial relationships.



May 27th – 31st in Indianapolis @ the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE) 

I am looking so forward to learning from people who grapple with diversity issues on their campuses. Between Tal Fortgang’s controversial essay in The Princeton Tory, and Time Magazine’s coverage of the campus ‘rape culture,’ it’s clear there’s plenty of work to be done. Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. and I will do our part with a workshop titled, I Am George Zimmerman: A Courageous Conversation about White Supremacy, White Privilege, & Oppression. Sounds heavy, right? In fact, it’s a lively interactive workshop meant to get us all a little more comfortable with embracing challenging conversations in the name of mutual understanding. I’ll also be offering Waking Up White at a discounted conference rate so if you’re at NCORE, please come visit my table in the exhibit area!



Friday, June 6th @ 4pm at The Toadstool Bookshop of Peterborough, NH

This book talk was instigated by a fan who wanted to bring me to her community. This is my FAVORITE way to put my book to work: Someone gets inspired by the book as a conversation-changing tool, shares it with their community, and then invites me to come be a part of the discussion. I love knowing that long after I leave, the conversation will continue. Please consider following this fan’s lead and bring me to YOUR community! (And thank you CH for being that outstanding fan!)


Other Cool Stuff


Kirkus Reviews has written a feature article about my ‘hybrid approach’ to publishing. I think it’s going to be an increasingly excellent option in the future, so budding authors, check it out! Will be online starting 5/21. As soon as it's out I'll post it on FB.


World Trust is creating a Waking Up White Learning Module. This means we’ll all have an awesome online curriculum to deepen the issues and understandings the book raises. I am thrilled and honored to have been approached by this outstanding organization, which some of you may know from this film excerpt that went viral last year. Thank you Shakti Butler!