Study & Facilitation Guides

Being the World We Dream About, a Unitarian Universalist resource and not just for faith organizations! 

White Privilege: Let's Talk — A Resource for Transformational Dialogue, from the United Church of Christ. An adult curriculum that's designed to invite church members to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversations on race.

Presbetyrian Church Waking Up White Study Guide, by Reverends Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston. A four-week, faith-based study guide complete with facilitator tips and week-by-week curriculums.

Understanding What It Means To Be White And Privileged Journal, by Tom Schweizer. A journal to motivate you and/or your group to reflect on one question a week for a full year.

White People's Guide to Responsible Cross-Racial Engagement, by Debby Irving. Why and how it matters that white people show up in cross-racial relationships and settings aware of the dynamics, a.k.a. the elephant in the room.

Witnessing Whiteness, by Shelly Tochluck and designed to build communitiy while increasing skills and capacity. 

World Trust Learning Modules, have embedded texts and videos in addition to guided curriculum. The module "Raced In America" focuses on white culture, privilege, and bias and includes the work of Chimamanda Adiche, Peggy McIntosh, Tim Wise, and Debby Irving.