21-Day Better Listening Challenge©

#ListenMoore Curated by Dr. John G. Igwebuike, Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and Dr. Peter R. Malik

© 2021 All Rights Reserved America & Moore, LLC & The Lead Listening Institute, LLC

Listening is the divine art, deliberate consciousness and disciplined practice of acknowledging others and their needs to be seen, heard, listened to, and understood ahead of our own.  Imagine a world where each of us did this--put others in the center, focused on their humanity and sought to give everyone what all us desire--to be valued and appreciated for just being who we are.

Structures of supremacy, dominance, oppression, and division seek to counter the positive communicative power of effective listening. When we fail to listen to one another, division wins, hatred wins, violence wins, anger wins, racism wins, discrimination wins, prejudice wins. All of these ills and isms dominate when we cease to center the needs and humanity of others.

Start with self, breathe, so that you can then listen to the “selves” that are other people. By way of this effort, we truly can change the world by changing ourselves: we can be the change we want to see.  When we get our inner selves right, we can get the world right. 

We believe that you can transform not only your inner world but the outer world by transforming what goes into your mind’s ear. The gift of listening to ourselves and then the presentation of ourselves as a gift to others, particularly those who have experienced trauma, oppression, prejudices, bias, and microaggressions, can be powerful healing forces so desperately needed in our world today. Start with self and expand to other selves so that you can change not only communications and conversations but communities.

Spend time in reflection before you start this 21-day journey to assess how much time you would like to commit to this endeavor on a daily basis.

Thank you for choosing and using this challenge. If you want to stay connected, email 21daychallenge@theprivilegeinstitute.com. We'd love to know how it went for you and your group!

Choose one activity per day

further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.


Encounter new writers and ideas from a range of media sources.


Listen in on the kinds of open, honest conversations that too many of us avoid having.


Watch and learn. We’ve offered everything from short videos to full-length films.


Why didn’t I see this sooner? It’s easy to overlook what we’re not looking for.


Follow Racial Justice activists, educators, and organizations on social media.


Engage in racially mixed settings. Be a learner more than a knower.


Flex your skills. Take action to interrupt power and privilege dynamics.


Reflect on what you choose to do, what you’re learning, and how you are feeling.

Stay Inspired

Create a Soundtrack-4-Justice playlist that fuels you and/or can serve as a conversation starter with people of all ages.

Tips For Success

  • Use the tracking chart provided below to stay on course. You can drag the image to your desktop and print, or you can access a digital version here and copy it for editing.
  • We think understanding white privilege is a powerful lens into the complexities of doing social justice work, so we’ve focused our resources on that specific issue.
  • Adaptable to all forms of social justice.
  • Can be done individually, with friends and family, or organization-wide.
  • Like our Facebook page. Use it to get ideas as well as share your 21-Day experience with the 21-Day community.
  • Diversify your habits by doing some of each.

* For adaptation ideas and examples of how communities are adapting the challenge to meet their specific social justice focus, click HERE.