Dr. Stacy Blake-Beard

Dr. Stacy 
Stacy Blake-Beard, a professor at my alma mater, Simmons School of Management, crossed my path when a mutual friend introduced us.
She asked to read my book, and, like any good professor returned it to me full of blue-inked comments, questions, and ideas for improvement. After two meetings to discuss
her thoughts on the book I felt as if I’d taken an entire course with her. I credit Stacy as the one who got me to think about the importance of context. Using herself as an
example, she said “I can be simultaneously empowered and otherized because all of my identities are with me all of the time. I show up as a woman and an
African American and a professor and a wife and a mother all at once. Given the context, one of those identities will be at the fore. So in India people see me first as an
American, while in America people might see me first as a black person.” This insight has trained me to always consider context when individuals are seeking to understand
and/or challenge their racially charged experiences.