cartoon speaking bubble reading "Action!!!"

It is so easy for people not experiencing racial harm to retreat back into the comfort of that privilege. It takes immense intention to commit to and follow through with the hard work of liberation from racist policies, laws, and practices. Below is a framework I learned from White People Challenging Racism: Moving from Talk to Action.  I've used it multiple times over that past decade, and have watched hundreds of others successfully use it too. Whether your goal is to pull together some family and friends for a book read/movie viewing and conversation, or to start an AntiRacism Coalition in your town, or to change a school mascot, or something even more ambitious, strategy and planning are critical to set you up for success. So, what's your plan? How are you going to make it a success? I wish you well in your efforts to create a more humane and just world!

What area of your life will you focus on? Start where you already have relationships. Think about family, friends, book groups, workplace, faith space, hobby or sport group, local library, local schools, etc.

What do you hope to accomplish, change, or achieve? Be as specific as possible.

Who is involved? Who will be affected?

Who is already working on this or related issues? Make plans to contact them. (no need to reinvent the wheel)

List the steps you will need to take to accomplish your goals.

What are some of the things that might stand in your way or sidetrack you?

Why are you doing this? How will you deal with setbacks?

How will you know you  have accomplished your goals? What can/will success look like?

What should happen when? Break your plan down into small steps and include each step on your timeline.

Who could be your allies in this? Who can you call upon to help you with which parts of your plan? To collaborate with you start to finish? To provide moral support?

What will you need to do this?

Who will help hold you accountable to make sure you reach your goal?

Adapted by Debby Irving from
White People Challenging Racism: Moving from Talk to Action