Decolonizing: Placing Indigenous Peoples in the Conversation

90-minute live conversation
Join Claudia Fox Tree and Debby Irving for a live conversation as they explore how U.S. narratives have shaped their understanding of themselves, one another, and the complex world we live in. No two conversations are alike as they step on stage with no agenda. Current events, in their own lives and in the larger world, inspire the organic conversation they engage in.

"Through their very personal conversation with each other, Debby Irving and Claudia Fox Tree demonstrated the power of authentic sharing on people's genuine understanding of one another's humanity and life experience. They skillfully wove in historical and life events which have shaped where we are today, leaving our audience transformed and eager to learn more."

- Stefani Traina, Memorial Hall Library

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20% donated to MCNAA
(Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness)


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