As I usher my book Waking Up White into the world!

Lively Q & A and conversation guaranteed at both events.

Book sales and signing at both events.

January 27th ~ 7:00 pm

Porter Square Books

25 White Street~ Cambridge, MA


William “Smitty” Smith of the National Center for Race Amity and James DeWolf Perry of the Tracing Center will join me as I share how learning my history strengthened my ability to make and keep friends of color and engage in equitable conversations about racial healing and justice.

Added bonuses: Food and drink from Café Zing (inside bookstore) and books, books, books!


February 3rd ~ 7:00 pm

Central Square Theater

450 Mass Ave ~ Cambridge, MA


Shay Stewart-Bouley (a.k.a. Black Girl in Maine), new Executive Director of Boston’s Community Change, Inc., will interview me about the ins and outs of ‘waking up white.’

Added bonuses: Theater concessions provided in part by Whole Foods, beer and wine, and a sneak peek at the set of Central Square Theater’s current production Insignificance!


RSVP not necessary but helpful in determining number of books to have on hand. If you have a moment, RSVP here: