Ten Things Every DEI Council Should Know

90 minute session with Cynthia Pesantez (Comadre Speakers Collaborative founder) and Debby Irving

unsplash photo by christina wocintechchat

DEI councils have a big and crucial job: they advance equity; create initiatives and set expectations that are both realistic and ambitious; and inspire a thirst for the work. They drive equity work at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and institutional level. But can we do this work effectively while preventing burnout and ensuring real and lasting impact? How can we find and foster joy while digging into this challenging work? How do we disrupt the patterns of power and privilege that creep into our committees despite best intentions? How do we move beyond the choir, and draw new people and ideas into our DEI ecosystem? Cynthia and Debby break down 10 key concepts that help your team explore these questions and more as you embark on or deepen your journey together. 90 minutes includes time for reflection and discussion. Can be expanded to include more activities and group process time.