Not In My School!

One to three 3-hour workshops with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. plus option of up to 6 hours leadership coaching with Debby and Dr. Moore

Easily adaptable to non-educational organizations and corporations 

Why do racially charged events drive our school communities apart? How can they be used instead as teachable, community-building moments? As the ongoing surge in highly visible racial incidents impacts students differentially along racial lines, schools have a unique opportunity to deepen understanding of self and society as well as develop campus engagement. This interactive and challenging all-day workshop explores how these headline stories relate to the impacts that power, privilege and oppression can have on student and family engagement, teacher preparation, curriculum development, and everyday campus interactions. We will explore U.S. institutional history, media messaging, and cultural habits that have led to where we are today. With raised awareness, we’ll develop new skills and habits for sustainable, effective personal and institutional transformation.

Available Dates

Available by request


Cost varies based on organization type, location, and scope of work

Overview Version - 1 session, 3 hours

  • Intro to how we frame the entangled issues of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression 
  • Short history of racist policies and ideas
  • Short breakout room and full group conversations
  • Short Q & A
  • Introduction to tool to analyze organizational DEI progress from a privilege and power perspective
  • Introduction to tool to identify and disrupt whiteness at the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels
  • Support handout

Racial Identity Development Version - 6 hours over two sessions

  • All of the above
  • Deeper look into history of racist policies and ideas
  • Self-reflection work to consider impact of history and ideas on belief system and identity development
  • Longer breakout room and full group conversations
  • Longer Q & A
  • Chance to practice tool to identify and disrupt whiteness at the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels
  • Practice having brave conversations

The Full-On We Are Ready Version - 9 hours over three sessions

  • All of the above
  • Introduction to tool to identify and disrupt whiteness in your institution
  • Small group work to identify and problem solve for specific areas where whiteness is obstructing progress 
  • Action planning at the individual or institutional level

Final Option: Even Moore

Up to six 1- hour check-in consultations available at an hourly rate


Not In My School!


"The raw honesty of the leaders allowed attendees to participate honestly. I am still referring to my notes from this workshop and the imprint it has left on me." ~ Dina Mordeno, Teacher, Lawrence Academy

Previous Hosts

NCORE 2014 *
NCORE 2015
NCORE 2016
NCORE 2018
NCORE 2019
Shady Hill School ~ Cambridge, MA
Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) ~ Waltham, MA
Department of Civil Rights ~ Madison, WI
Oregon Metro ~ Portland, OR
Episcopal High School ~ Zoom event

* National Conference on Race and Ethnicity